Alias The Governor Bri being British. Emigrated to the USA 54 years ago. Married a wonderful person my soul mate for ever Pat. A family of Five all graduated college. Two with masters degrees. Very proud to have 8 grandchildren.

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image There have been many defining stages in my life all of which are described in the memoirs available on the newly constructed website. The website, I believe, encompasses my great love of art, music, family ties and writing. Major health issues, although invasive, did not result in living in the shadows of time and feeling sorrowful. Lifes great destiny of failures and fortunes and these setbacks resulted in my desire to further my resolve to share the talents the Lord deemed to have bestowed upon me. .

Sharing and helping those in need such as our ageing veterans in State Run Nursing Homes. Art does enlighten their day with color awareness and purpose. Six years were set aside 2009 through 2014 to do this work in conjunction with the local artists, business and the High School NAHS who spent forty hours producing art on their own time to make the homes inspiring and colorful. Three state run nursing homes were decorated during this period with 1100 pieces of art. The Governor of South Carolina honored me with a special letter and certificate awarded April 28th 1914 hand delivered by her at the State Run Nursing facility “The Home of The Greatest Generation” located in Walterboro, South Carolina. Still seeking new adventures to travel forward in these latter years of my life.