Chronicles Supplement
This is a synopsis of all of the Memoirs and the thanks expressed to all those who helped
channel my energy to complete the series.

Vol-1 1939 to 1962- Young and Restles
My younger years growing up in a small rural community in England
The tought years after World War II rationing and My Apprenticeship
The adventute spirit led me to eventaully land in America and Enjoy its wonderful culture and work ethics.

Vol-2 The Spirit of America 1962-1984
Arriving in 1962 to a new Country wife and within a short time blessed with a new baby all this and trying to get a grasp of the American Life Style with many challenges along the way. Having a wonderful wife friend and soul mate made for such a blessings and to have great friends along the way.

Vol-3 Southern Living 1984 to the Millennium With high taxes and five colleges staring us in the face and taxes so high on Long Island no choice. We moved South to Atlanta